Moks Imports and Logistics, Nairobi, Kenya.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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MoksImports & Logistics Limited inception wasfounded on the principle of improving livelihoods within communities where it exists. Our CSR policy has been focused on 3 pillars namely; education, environment and health care.
We are driven to improve livelihoods in our communities through embarking on positive sustainable initiatives. Through our education pillar we lean towards positively influencing the youth in Kenya and tapping their talents to unleash their individual potential for the good of their community, Kenya and ultimately developing Africa.

The environment pillar appreciates the role that Mother Nature plays in providing us with this treasure called the environment. We appreciate the impact our business makes in the course of our day to day operations and we have made a commitment to participate in the conservation of the environment for today’s and future generations.

The health pillar appreciates the need of our people and stakeholders to enjoy health and aquality life. Our initiatives are geared towards preventive care as well as managing of the HIV/AIDs pandemic which continues to plague our community.